Mid-Century Modest Homes

Mid-Century Modest Homes found in Allied Gardens were originally Small – 1,000 square feet for many years running. “Small” today but to their owners starting in 1946, they were the culmination of the American Dream. Following years of economic Depression and WWII, these little homes were an amazing gift. They are mainstream. Main Street. Mass produced. Middle Class homes. In Post War America, while we built maybe 1 million mid-century moderns – we also built some 29 million Mid-Century Modest homes.

Why we love Mid-Century Modest homes

  • Built with love and immense gratitude.
  • Did I mention small? Yes. But small is — GREEN.
  • Small is quite often: “enough.”
  • Wonderful features – pastel bathrooms, fitted kitchens, livable layouts.
  • Knotty pine paneling – installed by Gramps.
  • Lots of ingenious Americana like Nutone exhaust fans, Hall-Mack Tow’lscopes, and Dishmasters.
  • Wallpaper and pinch pleats and pull-down kitchen lights.
  • Boomerang cabinet pulls and wagon wheel lights and braided rugs.
  • Indoor plumbing.
  • Unpretentious. Exuberant. The first taste of true material comfort for many millions of people.
  • Our houses have stories…Stories about the beginning of a new American era still playing out today.

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